Colloquium 25 October 2013 - Pictures

The 8th Hanseatic India Colloquium once again took place in the historical Sprinkenhof, a cultural monument from outstanding architecture in the town center of Hamburg. It was built in the beginning of the 20th Century as a part of the "Hamburg Kontorhausviertel" designed by Chief Building Director Fritz Schumacher.

On Friday, 25 October 2013, the 8th Hanseatic India Colloquium started with the Opening Session and Words of Greetings by Mr. Stefan Matz, Director International Department, HWF Hamburg Business Development Cooperation. HWF was part of the Organization Team of the Colloquium.   Dr. Hinrich Habeck, Managing Director of Norgenta North German Life Science Agency, Hamburg, gave the Welcome Address. Norgenta was also part of the Organization Team of the Colloquium.
The Honourable Consul General of India in Hamburg, Dr. Vidhu P. Nair, presented the Opening Address.   Dr. Amal Mukhopadhyay, Founder and Director, ELGA Biotech, Hamburg, and convenor of the Colloquium, was the chairman of Session I.
Dr. Björn Windshügel, Head of Bioinformatics, European Screening Port, Hamburg, described a model for Indo-German collaboration in R & D.   Mr. Vimalendu K. Singh, Chief Executive Global Generics, RPG Life Sciences Ltd., Mumbai, spoke about generics in healthcare and the opportunities offered by India.
When the speakers had finished their presentations the audience had the opportunity for questions and discussions.   Prof. Dr. Rainer Böger, Managing Director, Clinical Trial Center North, Hamburg, gave a lecture on clinical research as a fundamental component of drug discovery.
Coffeebreak was used for networking ...   ... and interesting discussions.
In Session II Dr. Vijay K. Shastri, Technical Director, Murli Krishna Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Pune, described the Indian scenario of generic drug development.   Dr. Antony Raj Gomas, Sr. Vice Pesident - Quality, Mylan Laboratories, Hyderabad, spoke about API manufacturing in India
A view of the audience   Dr. Stefanie Greifeneder, Partner Munich, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLB, gave a presentation on legal challenges for transnational co-operations in drug development and clinical research..

The lunch-break gave the opportunity for a lot of interesting discussions.   Dr. Amal Mukhopadhyay (M), Mr. Dieter Grützmacher (R), CEO MCC Marketing Concept Consulting Administration GmbH and Co-organizer, together with Mr. Matthias C. Lischke (L), Economic Affairs Council, Hamburg.
Dr. Harm Peters, Managing Director, AET Biotechnologie GmbH, was the first speaker in Session III and gave an overview of 50 years of generic experience.   Mrs. Satya R. Vadlamani, Chief Managing Director, Murli Krishna Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Pune,, spoke about scaling business to the next level - pharmaceutical industry.
Mr. Federico Pollano, Managing Director, Richter-Helm Biotec GmbH & Co KG, Hamburg, described his company as a global partner for Biotechnology and Biosimilars.   Dr. Wolfram Altenhofen, Vice President Business Development, AET Biotechnologie GmbH, Hamburg, reported on extending business from small molecules to biologics.
Subsequent to the 8th Hanseatic India Colloquium the speakers and participants again took the opportunity for networking and discussing potential collaborations.   The 8th Hanseatic India Colloquium again achieved sustained success and resulted in a great many of sales activities and collaborations. The event has been well-received by speakers and partiicipants and they all request a continuation next year.
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